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On May 30, 2010, Mighty Flames Ministries was birthed on these Scriptures: Song of Songs 8:6 and Genesis 12:1-3.

With 10+ years of serving, MFM has impacted thousands of people with Prophetic Words from: Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Jacksonville NC, Champaign ILL, Texas, California, Las Vegas, Ohio, Nigeria, Kenya, Republic of Palau, Kokomo.

Our mission is to continuously impact cultures, uplift, and encourage people to be all that the Creator has purposed them to become in all things. Always inspired by the Ruach Hakodesh (Holy Spirit), Prophet Anthony cuts no corners and speaks in the authority that was gifted to him and expects Yah's words to take root. He walks in boldness and brings the fire of Yahweh when he enters any atmosphere. Since October 8, 2014, Prophet Anthony has led a domino impact of divine encounters that has resulted in 5000+ prayers being answered. "It's been such a supernatural roller coaster ride, we just stopped counting."

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Anthony W. Turner

Mighty Flames Ministries

Prophet Anthony Turner is a Southwind Prophet of Restoration and Construction. The title is truly what it says: Yahweh uses him to restore and construct and bring life to the needs in your life or situation.


Prophet Anthony started out at Franklin Bible School under the tutelage of Antoinette Franklin and later graduated from (PIT) School of Prophets under Apostle Rabbi Raymond Stansbury and Pastor Joseph Stansbury of New Castle, DE in January 2013.

Prophet Anthony is sold out for the Most High Yah and is a man of God that walks by faith what Yah gives him to teach and impart to the people that believe and don't. A true Man of the Most High Yahweh in Yahshua's name (Jesus). HalleluYah!

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